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We are UK CBD wholesaler and provider of premium white-label products with a commitment to giving your clients the same great CBD experience every time. We monitor and test our CBD extract at every step of the process, from the farm conditions, throughout the growing season, right up to the packaging.
This gives you the peace of mind, that you are serving your customers the same reliable quality, so you can focus on building your customer base.
What makes us different from the competition? There are an increasing number of CBD companies in Europe sourcing their CBD extract from farms in unregulated parts of the world such as Eastern Europe. These countries don’t have the same oversight and regulation needed to ensure a premium CBD extract free from impurities. This coupled with poor extraction processes and commitment to quality can endanger the consumer.
Seeing this growing trend, we sought to provide the UK and Europe with safer, higher-grade CBD wholesale and white label range of products that are rigorously tested at every step of the process.
We are GMP certified and have complete CoA’s on all our range of raw materials and white label products. We have the capacity to serve all sizes of customers and can work with you to provide your unique CBD experience, for your target market.

Premium CBD from regulated organic farms.

We source our hemp extract from carefully vetted US-based organic farms in Kentucky that are accredited by the U.S Hemp Authority as free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Our agents make regular visits to our partner farms throughout the growing season to ensure the highest quality hemp biomass for processing.

Here to help your CBD business grow.

We are here to help your CBD business grow in the UK and hope our experience from the US CBD market will be important.

We are committed to the consumer and providing them with a consistent and premium CBD experience.

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