Broad Spectrum Water Soluble

Broad Spectrum Water Soluble

Our broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD isolate can be added to any type of drink or food that you want. You can make CBD infused kombucha, CBD coffee and CBD infused water with this product. Since its broad-spectrum, it contains no THC whatsoever so you don’t have to worry about getting high from taking this water-soluble CBD.

Available sizes: 5g, 25g, 100g, and 500g

Potency: 1000mg CBD/g

Ingredients: Pure CBD Isolate

CBD is derived from hemp and this makes it hydrophobic and this is why it’s insoluble when its in water. If you are looking to make CBD beverages on an industrial scale then our broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD isolate is the perfect wholesale cannabidiol product to go for.

Broad-spectrum CBD brings you the best of both worlds as it still has a variety of different cannabinoids in it, there is no THC in any of our broad-spectrum products. This means you still get the entourage effect if you were to consume our broad-spectrum CBD.

When buying from our wholesale programme to buy broad-spectrum water-soluble you can rest assured that you are only buying the very best CBD anyone can buy online. We take great care when our CBD is concerned so that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service and all of our products.

Appeal Of Broad-Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

The reason that broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD is due to a great number of reasons:

Exactly What Customers Need

Our broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD is incredibly easy to use. This is because they won’t need special knowledge or vaporizers to create and use our water-soluble CBD.

Doesn’t Change Flavours

If you use our broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD you won’t get any nasty earthy flavour when you consumed a CBD infused beverage. The same is also true for any food that you mix with our water-soluble CBD.

Easy To Use

Customers will be able to easily and consistently control how much cannabidiol in their products whether that be food or drinks.

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