Free Flow CBD Distillate

Free Flow CBD Distillate

Our wholesale full spectrum CBD distillate is one of our most popular products because it is incredibly high quality and we also have also made sure that all of our products are certified so you know our products will be safe to consume.

Available sizes: 1kg – 1000kg / month

Potency: 1000mg CBD / g

Ingredients: Pure CBD Isolate

CBD Distillate contains many cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds, therefore, it is considered a full spectrum product. CBD Distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract often derived from high CBD hemp flower and biomass. Our wholesale full spectrum CBD distillate is a natural source of trace minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Note that have a CBD product that has THC levels that exceed levels of 0.3% then that product could be legally problematic. With our wholesale full spectrum CBD distillate, you could and should start selling right away. This is the perfect product to add to any CBD range. You can create a huge range of different products very easily.

CBD distillate is ideal to use in tinctures and also topicals including skincare and cosmetics products. So if you are thinking about having some of these CBD products on your website then our wholesale full spectrum CBD distillate is for sure the way to do it.

When you buy from us you will have the peace of mind that the products you buy will always be of the highest quality, potency and purity. Every batch of our wholesale full spectrum CBD distillate is sent for third party testing. Third-party validation and testing allow us to guarantee reliable quality CBD oil from any contaminants.

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