Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

With 100mg Cannabinoid per gram, we are very pleased to offer this powder for formulating any dry blend. Using the spray drying process, we are producing a highly bio-available particulate micro-encapsulation.

Available sizes: 1kg – 1000kg / month
Concentration: 10% cannabinoid by weight (100mg / g).
Can be formulated with: CBD Isolate, Includes THC, Full Spectrum Compliant Distillate, CBG, CBN and Terpenes.

You can add our water-soluble cannabidiol to any number of beverages like water or coffee. Being a full-spectrum product means that there are a lot of different cannabinoids in this product and that includes Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is taken from hemp extract and then can be used in any number of ways. This also means that CBD is hydrophobic and that means its insoluble in water. Our full-spectrum water-soluble CBD is made by dissolving CBD isolate in some oil that is derived naturally.

If you are looking to create a wide range of CBD beverages then our wholesale full spectrum water-soluble CBD is the perfect option for you to take. You won’t find a product like this for a better price anywhere online. We use only the highest quality processing where our CBD is concerned. The particles sizes of the CBD used in water-soluble cannabidiol is measured in nanometers. This is because the CBD particles have to be tiny so that it can be mixed properly.

Advantages Of Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD

There are many advantages of Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD which is why this is one of the most popular products that we sell.

Creating A Wide Range Of CBD Beverages And CBD Edibles

Our full-spectrum water-soluble CBD isolate will allow you and different companies to have access to the CBD market by allowing you to easily create a massive range of CBD beverages. It also allows you to create a range of CBD edible products.

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