Wholesale CBG Isolate

Wholesale CBG Isolate

CannmedProducts CBG Isolate is pure cannabigerol in crystalline powder form. It is great to work with as an ingredient. We’ve sourced the finest CBG from award winning organic US hemp farms so you can enjoy pure CBG in any way you prefer.

Available sizes: 1kg – 1000kg / month

Potency: 1000mg CBG / g

Ingredients: Pure CBG Isolate

Our CBG isolate is cannabigerol is a crystalline powder form. Our cannabigerol When a hemp seed first starts to sprout, it produces cannabigerolic acid (CBGa). As the plant reaches maturity it will start to convert the CBGa into THCa and also CBDa. Then these, in turn, are converted into CBD and THC.

Without CBGa other cannabinoids such as CBDa and THCa would never exist. CBG has been described as a stem cell cannabinoid because it is a precursor to CBC, CBD and THC as well as other lesser-known cannabinoids. CBGa is like a building block and it forms CBCa, CBDa , THCa and obviously CBG.

Our wholesale CBG isolate is 100% non-psychoactive so you don’t have to worry about having any major negative side effects like accidentally getting high when you consume our products.

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