Cannmed supply white label CBD hand care creams in the UK. This product is carefully formulated using premium ingredients and CBD extracts. Each white label CBD Hand Care Cream is tailor-made to our client’s needs, using their choice of extracts, active ingredients, and essentials oils.

With our wide range of options, you can create your own line of hand care creams, each specifically targeting specific concerns.

Studies have shown that CBD has antioxidant properties. This means that it can help to protect the skin against free radicals and help to brighten the skin. CBD may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation of the skin. It may help to reduce the appearance of superficial scarring and age spots.

CBD is extremely gentle on the skin, which means that it is suitable for use on all skin types. It is highly unlikely to cause adverse reactions so you can create hand care creams for sensitive skin too. CBD is also a popular form of pain relief. Not only can CBD help to soothe irritated skin, but it is also used by many to relieve aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Therefore, by formulating a hand care cream with CBD, it may also offer relief to people who suffer from chronic pain in their hands and wrists, as well as people who suffer from sore or irritated skin.

For our white label clients, we offer customizable products. For example, Cannmed white label CBD Hand Care Cream can be combined with a wide range of active ingredients, extracts, and essential oils. Therefore, you can create a line of products that target specific concerns.

Options of Active Ingredients:

  • Allantoin
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Beta-carotene
  • Chromabright
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • Copper Reptide GHK-CU
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Vitamin B3
  • Marine Collagen
  • MatrixylTM 3000
  • Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5)
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin A
  • Retinol A
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Vitamin E

Options of Extracts:

  • Aloe Vera Juice (Aloe Barbadensis)
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Melon Extract (Cucumis Melo)
  • Papaya Extract (Carica Papaya|)
  • Cranberry Extract (Vaccinium Macrocarpon)
  • Strawberry Extract (Fragaria Vesca)
  • Lemon Extract (Citrus Medica Limonum)
  • Mango Extract (mangifera indica)
  • Apple Extract (pyrus malus)
  • Seaweed Extract (fucus vesiculosis)
  • Arnica Oil (Arnica Montana)
  • Passion Fruit Extract (Passiflora Edulcis)
  • Blueberry Extract

Options of Essential Oils:

  • Jojoba Oil (Buxus Chinensis)
  • Calendula Oil (Calendula Officinalis)
  • Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
  • Peach Kernel Oil (Prunus Persica)
  • Marula Oil (Sclerocarya Birrea)
  • Rice Bran Oil (Oryzasativa)
  • Wheatgerm Oil (Triticum Vulgare)
  • Arnica Oil (Arnica Montana)
  • Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa)
  • Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima)
  • Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis)
  • Rosehip Oil (Rosa Rubginosa)

Options of Vitamins:

  • Vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate)
  • Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum)
  • Vitamin E (D-alpha Tocopherol)
  • Grapeseed Oil (Vitis Vinifera)
  • Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Lactic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Tartaric Acid

Our expert teams can combine the abovementioned premium quality ingredients to form a wide range of tailor-made products for your business.

We hold certificates of analysis and full lists of ingredients for each of our products, if you require this information or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Cannmed white label CBD Hand Care Cream is specially formulated to help soothe the skin and relieve pain. This CBD-infused cream is ideal for use on the hands, particularly for people whole suffer from chronic pain in the joints or who suffer from dry or irritated skin.

Equally, this product is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Cannmed white label CBD Hand Care Cream offers intense moisture to keep hands smooth and healthy, even in the colder months. Cold weather and exposure to artificial heat sources can dry out the skin. So can constant hand washing and using hand sanitiser. It can irritate sensitive skin and skin that is prone to inflammatory skin flare-ups.

To use this white label CBD cream, one can simply apply a small amount of the product to the hands and massage into the skin until fully absorbed. As the product absorbs quickly, it won’t leave a greasy residue.

Although CBD is known to help relieve pain, CBD-infused creams are not a replacement for prescribed or medicated ointments or creams. The product should not be applied to broken or damaged skin. Although the product is unlikely to cause adverse reactions, if this occurs, you should discontinue use immediately.

All Cannmed products undergo rigorous testing by in-house technicians and by third-party laboratories. We monitor our products throughout the production process to ensure only the highest quality products reach our clients.

We hold certificates of analysis for each of our raw materials, which are happy to supply to our clients. Our facilities and products are heavily audited to ensure compliance with all necessary regulations. Cannmed is one of the leading CBD hand care cream suppliers and has received several prestigious certifications. Some of these include:

  • British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • US Hemp Authority
  • Cannabis Trades Association

To view the full list of our accreditations, please click here.

Additionally, if you have any further questions about white label CBD Hand Care Cream or any Cannmed products, please get in touch with us, using the form below.

Our expert sales representatives will be more than happy to answer your queries and help you find the products that will suit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

1How to use CBD hand care cream?

CBD hand care cream is extremely easy to use. You simply apply a small amount of product to your hand and massage the cream into the skin. The cream should absorb into the skin quite quickly, without leaving a greasy residue.

White label CBD hand care cream is specifically formulated to keep the skin smooth, supple, and hydrated throughout the year. It can be used throughout the day to restore moisture to dull, dry skin.

2Does CBD hand care cream work?

CBD is a gentle but powerful compound. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help nourish and hydrate the skin. Similarly, many people use CBD-infused hand care creams to help relieve chronic pain of the hands and wrists.

Everybody is different and CBD will have different effects from person to person. However, it is highly unlikely to cause any adverse effects as it is so gentle, so people with the most sensitive skin are welcome to try it.

It is worth noting that CBD hand care creams are not a suitable replacement for prescribed or medicated creams. If you have a skin condition, you should consult your doctor before using new products.

3Benefits of CBD hand care cream

Using CBD hand care cream has a host of potential benefits. CBD has antioxidant properties and can help to brighten the skin. This means that it can help to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Likewise, it may help reduce superficial scarring and pigmentation. Hyperpigmentation or age spots often appear as a result of sun damage. CBD may also offer some protection against free radicals which can damage the skin further.

Many others love CBD-infused creams and topicals because it helps them manage pain. For many people suffering from chronic pain in their hands and wrists, CBD hand care cream may offer some relief. CBD hand care cream may also be useful for people with, particularly sensitive or dry skin. It helps to soothe irritated, dry, flaky skin by restoring and maintaining moisture levels in the skin.

Cold weather, artificial heat sources, soaps, and hand sanitiser can irritate and dry out the skin. This can cause the hands to become sore and may trigger flare-ups for people who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions. CBD hand care creams can help keep the skin hydrated, nourished and supple.

4How can I white label CBD hand care cream in the UK?

White labelling CBD in the UK has never been easier. All you need to do is get in touch with our dedicated customer service team.

Although there are other white labelling programs available, it is difficult to find reliable, trustworthy companies to partner with. Cannmed is highly accredited, and we provide only the best products to our clients.

To work with us, get in touch with our dedicated sales team

. You can fill out this contact form to get started.

5Is the CBD hand care cream lab tested?

Yes, all Cannmed products undergo rigorous testing throughout the production process. Firstly, our expert growers closely monitor the hemp plants during the growing and harvesting process. This ensures only the best plants are selected for the extraction process.

When CBD extract reaches our world-class production facilities in the UK, our in-house technicians test every batch to ensure the highest quality.

Cannmed is dedicated to quality assurance and being transparent with our clients. That’s why we opt for additional third-party testing. We stand behind our products, and we want to give as much information to our clients as possible. This means you can rest assured that every product is compliant with UK regulations.