White Label CBD Muscle & Joint Care Creams

White Label CBD Muscle & Joint Care Creams

White Label CBD Infused Pain Relief Creams

When a muscle or joint hurts like a knee hurts, there’s a natural tendency to take pain killers, our creams are an alternative to opioids and now being infused with CBD we hope we can help brands create a white label CBD cream with active proven ingredients to help reduce pain.

CBD is a helping aid but is not a substitute for disease-modifying treatment for inflammatory arthritis. Patients who are interested in trying CBD please take advice from your doctor is you are presently taking any medication.

Our creams are created first with reducing pain and joint issues and have active ingredients to aid such as vitamins, minerals and essential oils. CBD is a added benefit that we believe can give companies the edge in the market and create a larger returning customer base.

Research has demonstrated that CBD has wide ranging activity in terms of reducing inflammation, by acting alongside well proven ingredients we hope to create a fantastic range for people in the UK with muscle and joint care pain.

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