CBD water is to be added to our range of white label cbd products in 2020. CBD water, which is a natural product infusing spring water with CBD particles. When consumed drinking it can be an easy way to get your CBD into the body fast and reap its potential health benefits.

Available in the UK in Q4 2020, we are finalizing our formulations. Please contact the UK sales team for more information and to be kept updated.

Locally sourced spring water. Added with quality approved and tested CBD hemp and natural flavouring and additives to ensure it stays fresh and tastes great as it makes its way from the ship to your door. We are working with local UK CBD suppliers presently to find the best ingredients to make the first truly great UK CBD water.

CBD Water can be used as and when needed, simply carry it in your bag or on your person and enjoy the taste of refreshing CBD infused UK water.

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