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White Label CBD Skincare

Cannmed offers a wide range of skincare products for you to choose from, some targeted areas such as CBD for beauty, CBD cleansers and toners, shampoo and bath lotions. CBD creams for problem skin as well as CBD for men being among the best selling and popular skincare ranges in the UK right now. The CBD topical creams can be applied using roll-ons, sprays or just from a jar are an efficient method to apply CBD for problem areas. Looking for other white label cbd products, we got you covered.

CBD skincare products help in treating inflammation and calming skin irritation. CBD treatments have been known to calm down cystic acne and offer relief to those who struggle with it.

CBD skincare products have also been used to assist in nurturing the skin after intense facial treatment because they do a good job of calming the skin. Our CBD skincare products also help in soothing irritated sunburned skin. Some people have stated that it exudes the same feeling as aloe vera does when applied on sunburned skin.

The CBD products can also assist in alleviating certain aches and pains depending on how potent they are. Apply it directly to the aching areas that cause you pain, irritation, or discomfort that you will have you feeling a certain degree of relief in a very short time.

CBD skincare advice

The CBD skincare industry is growing every day and is still on the rise. However, it is still unregulated. Therefore, many companies are simply trying their best to sell their products to millennials who they feel are most eager to try out skincare products made from CBD.

Try and look for terms like phytocannabinoids, whole-plant hemp, cannabidiol, cannabis sativa extract, or hemp extract when looking for products that actually have CBD in them. If you can find these terms anywhere on the labeling, then you can be assured that the product actually has CBD and not some bi-products, that will not offer the same benefits as they lack the active ingredient.

Since the CBD industry is still largely unregulated, some businesses falsely claim that their products have CBD. Avoid any products that might have cannabis sativa or hemp seed extract. That is not to say they are not great products. Individually, they may enhance a lot of noticeable benefits from CBD use.

Why CBD white label?

We are famous for our CBD products, including our creams. To ensure you receive the highest quality of CBD products in the industry, do yourself a favour and buy through a recommended retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are your white label CBD skin care products tested?

We test all our products and not once, but each batch of CBD is tested by our own lab and then sent to an independent third party lab. We then compare the two sets of tests to ensure that every part of our manufacturing process is working as designed. Any unexpected deviation in results from either our in-house lab tests or from the third party lab are scrutinised. Our commitment is to supplying you with the highest quality CBD products so you can focus on other parts of your business.

All our products are accompanied by the independently tested Certificate of Analysis.

2 What options do you have for packaging?
We have a range of packaging options and aim to meet any special needs you might have to help you set yourself apart from the competition. Get in touch and let's see how we can help.
3Can I do a small test run to sample the quality and test the packaging?

We always strive to work with our partners fulfil their goals and we'd be happy to discuss a sample run with you in person. There are a number of things we would need from you to ensure that we can meet all your requirements.

So go ahead and get in touch.

4 What's the difference between white label and private label CBD skincare products?

White label products are usually more standard and the responsibility is on you to package and label your products. Whereas private label is where we help you with these things.

Which one is best for is for you to decide, white labelling is usually more economical, but if you don't have the resources to label, pack and ship your products you may benefit from our private label option.

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