White Label CBD Moisturiser

White Label CBD Moisturiser

White Label CBD Moisturiser by Cannmed is a premium quality full spectrum CBD face cream for wholesale. We only ever use the best hemp oil extract along with other quality ingredients available upon request. Most importantly, Cannmed ensures the finest products are produced using seed to sale verification and strict   monitoring of manufacturing.

Firstly, regulated organic hemp farms based in Kentucky, USA, harvest the hemp oil extract naturally and without the use of nasty pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. Then, the extract is shipped to our processing facilities here in the UK, where a team of experts use advanced refinement techniques to ensure the ingredients purity.

Our white label CBD moisturiser can be formulated to suit an abundance of skincare concerns ranging from dry skin, ageing skin, or sensitive skin, to name a few. Our base CBD moisturiser formula is tried and tested and uses 1000 mg CBD, providing the best results for a combination of skin issues. We could add a number of additional active ingredients suitable to your brand.

Available sizes: 5g, 25g, 100g, and 500g

Potency: 1000mg CBD/g

Ingredients: Pure CBD Isolate

Cannmed’s White Label CBD service allows you to completely customise your moisturiser for your consumer base. Choose from our multitude of active ingredients, making your White Label CBD face cream made to order to suit your business needs. We can supply a moisturiser made from high quality extracts, vitamins, or essential oils that combine with CBD.

Maybe you’re seeing your competitors creating an array of CBD based products that everyone is raving about and seeing results. Naturally, this can leave you considering widening your product range and the potential benefits to using CBD as an active ingredient. Cannmed can supply a bespoke CBD moisturiser to meet your customers growing needs and expectations.

CBD in skincare is a relatively new revelation, and we think it’s an exciting time to jump right in. Should you need assistance in starting a CBD based business from scratch, or including the ingredient in new products, we’re here for you. As experts, Cannmed provides the best tailor-made white label services.

Whether you are looking to bulk buy CBD moisturiser or buy in smaller quantities, we have the right solution for your business. Our white label CBD products are ready for sale and produced in a timely manner, so you can spend time elsewhere. Samples of 1 kg of product takes 2 weeks waiting time. Whereas, complete bespoke ranges may take up to 6 weeks lead time.

What Do Our Clients Get?

Our clients will always receive premium solutions as a leading CBD moisturiser manufacturer. We are thorough, and make sure that we will meet your individual needs. As a trusted company, we’re clear about our regulated farms where the hemp plants grow for harvest straight through to production facilities.

Cannmed love supporting startups, small, and large businesses alike. Impressively, prices meet an individual basis and are available upon request. Get in touch today to enquire about our white label CBD moisturiser, and our array of other products and services.


What Is CBD Moisturiser?

To break it down, our CBD white label moisturiser uses high quality hemp extract in conjunction with other active ingredients. Providing you and your customers with the best options for a CBD face cream.

What Does CBD Do For Skin and Does It Work?

CBD works as an active ingredient to promote healthier-looking skin using soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties. Notably, we optimise CBD for dry skin with signs of irritation. This is one of the most common skin concerns that many customers face. Fortunately, combined with other oils, extracts, and vitamins, CBD works wonders for the skin.

Benefits of CBD Moisturiser

CBD is selling time and time again. Notably, we are seeing skincare companies (large and small) adapting their selling points regularly.

The competition is high, but also relatively new. Cannmed can help you to stand out amongst your competitors to provide a quality product using quality CBD.

We’ve seen customer satisfaction, and know your business will benefit from including a CBD based skincare line in your product directory.

Is CBD Oil a Good Moisturiser?

Above all, our answer is of course – yes.

CBD works by itself or in conjunction with other strong ingredients to provide deeply moisturising results for tired, dry, and dull skin. Our expert white label formula is tried and tested and loved by many.

Is CBD Oil Good For Ageing Skin, Wrinkles, or Scars?

Damaging UV rays and external irritants such as weather conditions aggravate the skin and dry it over time. As a result, dehydrated skin only promotes the signs of ageing and makes general scars appear worse.

CBD helps lock in moisture by providing much-needed support for the face to produce healthy dewiness to reduce fine lines and thirsty skin. Likewise, the ingredient balances the skin’s oil production and provides much needed anti-inflammatory properties.

How Do I Apply CBD Moisturiser?

Apply directly to the face as needed, using upward motions to encourage absorption of the moisturiser for sensitive skin. Importantly, make sure to avoid areas such as the eyes and mouth.

Don’t forget, why not add your moisturiser to your neck area? The neck often shows signs of ageing quite notably and also deserves attention from active ingredients. For instance, dab some extra moisturiser to your neck and chest area. This ensures optimal application.

What Does CBD Cream Do For Your Face?

Using Cannmed as your CBD moisturiser supplier will ensure you get the best results of using CBD for your face. Above all, customers love the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD for use on the face.

Noticeably, it can provide visible results and rejuvenation from months of harsh winter skin – while also creating a general feel-good skincare routine.

How Can I White Label CBD Moisturiser in the UK?

We can supply all packaging materials from brand concept through to design. On the other hand, we can also use the client’s existing branding. Our ranges of packaging are available to suit your individual needs, including our eco-friendly packaging service.

As a trusted CBD moisturiser supplier, we will handle your project with care. Should you need branding assistance, or want to private label your current brand onto our white label CBD moisturiser – send us an enquiry and we will respond diligently.

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