White Label CBD Eye Cream

White Label CBD Eye Cream

The CBD eye creams are created with a focus on beauty and enhanced with CBD at our production facility. The CBD included can vary, you can add as much or as little as you wish. Cannmed recommends 300mg CBD isolate for a 50ml product but as the industry evolves and more data becomes available on the optimal amount of CBD this is a guide only and our chemists with work with you to find your markets optimum level.

The skin around the eyes tends to look older first: That delicate area is sensitive to stretching and unfortunately sagging.

It is important to maintain a youthful complexion and for that it’s vital to use an eye cream daily.

Finding a cream that is effective and can help reduce lines and wrinkles is difficult work and here at Cannmed we did the work for you and worked dermatologists to find out what should be in an effective eye cream for wrinkles so we can bring you what we believe is the best white label CBD eye cream to try.

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