Cannmed is one of the leading white label CBD shaving cream suppliers in the UK and our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We only use premium CBD extract when manufacturing each of our products.

Our white label cbd products are highly customizable, which means that we can create bespoke products for your brand. We stock an array of vitamins, active ingredients, essential oils, and vitamins that we can add to our CBD shaving creams to create specific items for your business.

All Cannmed products are made using organic CBD extracts, sourced from reputable farms in Kentucky, USA. We only provide our clients with the best quality products and this means carefully curating every ingredient used during the manufacturing process.

All of our products are certified cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and organic. Our white label CBD shaving cream is made using as many natural, skin-loving ingredients as possible.

We wish to make our products accessible to all members of the CBD community, therefore many of our white label products are made in compliance with guidelines outlined by the Islamic Council, meaning they are considered halal.

Our products are also certified by the following organisations:

  • FDA
  • US Hemp Authority
  • Cannabis Trade Association
  • British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS)

If you require additional information about our seed to sale certifications, you can view them here.

We are also happy to provide clients with detailed information about the ingredients used in our products. If you require a full list of ingredients, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department here.

Cannmed white label CBD Shaving Cream is extremely easy to use. One can easily use the product to create a thick lather, essential for the perfect shave. To lather the product, you should use a good quality shaving brush.

There are multiple ways to use this product. Firstly, you can apply an almond-sized amount to a shaving bowl or dish. Run the shaving brush under warm water until wet. Gently remove excess water by flicking the brush into the sink.

Use the brush to work the product in circular motions to form a thick lather. If the lather is too thick, feel free to add a drop or two of water. Alternatively, you can apply the product directly to the palm of your hand. You can use a wet shaving brush to work the product into a lather, before applying it to the area you wish to shave.

You can also apply the product directly to the brush and lather against the face, or the area you wish you shave.

Apply an even layer of lather to the skin. Then you can simply run the razor along the skin, in the direction that your hair grows.

Cannmed takes the utmost care when preparing your products. That’s why we opt for both in-house testing and third-party testing. From seed to sale, our products are carefully monitored, and they’re tested at regular intervals. We do this to ensure only the best products reach our clients.

We hold detailed certificates of analysis for each of our raw materials, and we are more than happy to share them with our clients. Cannmed stands by the premium quality of our products, and we wish to be transparent as possible with our clients. Therefore, we can also provide you with detailed information about the ingredients used and the testing processes that we use.

If you wish to receive more information about the laboratory results of our products, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch with our experienced sales team today. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with advice based on your individual business needs.

All of your facilities and products are heavily regulated and audited. This is to make sure that we are meeting the highest health and safety standards possible. Cannmed has received many prestigious certifications, you can view them here.

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Frequently asked questions

1Benefits of CBD shaving cream

CBD shave cream is not only beneficial to your skin, but it can also benefit your blades. CBD shaving cream adds a layer of lubrication to your face, which means that your razor can glide effortlessly along the skin.

This gives you a close shave, without irritating the skin. The lack of friction will reduce the risk of cutting yourself and it will extend the lifespan of your razor blades.

CBD is incredibly gentle on the skin, and it can help to soothe irritated skin and restore moisture. Properly hydrating the skin helps to keep it healthy, and can also help to reduce breakouts along with dryness and flaking.

You can also use CBD Shaving cream for sensitive skin. Often times, the skin becomes irritated after shaving. Incorporating CBD into your shaving cream can help combat this as it can help to calm the skin, reducing discomfort and itchiness.

Many people choose to integrate CBD into their skincare because they find that it helps to balance sebum production. Opting for CBD-infused shaving cream is an excellent way to reduce breakouts if you have acne-prone skin.

2How can I white label CBD shaving cream in the UK?

Finding a white label program in the UK can be tricky. There are many options, but it’s not always easy to find a reputable CBD shaving cream supplier to work with. However, this is not an issue if you choose to work with Cannmed.

Cannmed offers a white label program with a vast range of products for our clients in the UK. To get started, simply fill in this form. A sales representative with contact you directly to discuss your business needs.

Cannmed has years of experience in the CBD industry and as a CBD shave cream manufacturer, and we can use this to help bolster your business. Partnering with Cannmed means that we’ll provide you with high-end products that match your brand vision. So, you can spend more time and energy building your business.

3Is the CBD shaving cream lab tested?

Yes, all Cannmed products are thoroughly tested by specialised in-house technicians. Our products are tested at every stage of production. We only use premium CBD extract, sourced from highly regulated, organic farms. Here, experienced growers monitor plants throughout the growing and harvesting stages.

Cannmed production facilities are heavily audited to ensure every batch of product is compliant with regulatory requirements. This also ensures they are of the best quality.

To go one step further, we also opt for third-party testing. We’re committed to providing quality assurance and transparency for our clients. We have every confidence in the quality of our products and therefore are more than happy to provide detailed certificates of analysis for each of our raw materials.