White Label CBD

White label allows you to have a fast route to market. You can have professional manufacturers help you design a product and brand that meets the gap in the market. GMP certified facilities, Certified Isolates and expert advice.

Our cosmetic range of over 300 products has been built for beauty first and each can have CBD added, we have a full range of edibles, drinks and tinctures.

5 simple steps to get yourself up and running

  1. Identify the niche in the beauty market where your research indicates that adding CBD will add value.
  2. Work with our team to develop the base formula that will best match for your range e.g. Edible Gummies or a range shampoos, cleaners, creams, oils or other topical ranges.
  3. Agree the amounts of CBD and the packaging
  4. Allow us to manufacture and send you your full range ready for you to market and advertise across your channels.
  5. Complete your own testing for any 3rd party verification you wish, we will supply all the certs needed to make this as simple as possible.

FAQs about White Labelling

Edibles are coated in a Yorkshire facility where we estimate over 30% of all edibles in the UK are coated. Choose from our own range or send your custom edibles to be custom coated. MOQ are low at 50 pieces and pricing gets competitive as quantities increase and you see your business flourish.

Favourites are gummy bears and stars but we can coat edibles of your choice including cola gummies. CBD usually is 15mg to 25mg per sweet with packets containing 6-10 gummies per pack, but this is your choice.

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