Wholesale CBD

Wholesale CBD

CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBD Water Soluble at the most competitive prices in Europe. 3rd Party Lab Tested CBD extract is 99.8%+ pure CBD and 100% THC free. Raw material source, Stalks and stems of the hemp (Cannabis sativa) plant. Broad and Full spectrum available, the UK limit for THC is 1mg per final product.

5 simple steps to set up your wholesale business

  1. Identify the niche in the beauty market where your research indicates that adding CBD will add value.
  2. Work with our team to develop the base formula that will best match for your range e.g. Edible Gummies or a range shampoos, cleaners, creams, oils or other topical ranges.
  3. Agree the amounts of CBD and the packaging
  4. Allow us to manufacture and send you your full range ready for you to market and advertise across your channels.
  5. Complete your own testing for any 3rd party verification you wish, we will supply all the certs needed to make this as simple as possible.

FAQs about Wholesaling CBD products

The most dangerous myth is that if your product is below 0.2% THC it is legal. This is incorrect in itself. To be legal it is based not on % but on the quantity of THC. The reality is that this percentage requirement is for the growers and is relevant only to the licence to grow hemp or the cannabis plant.

The final product must have under 1mg of THC in the product to be compliant on the UK network. Please as with all legal matters take independent advice and understand this information if based on legal opinion but please take your own independent advice.

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