Frequently asked questions

1Why choose CannMed?

We have full certification for our products, so you can be confident your product is compliant with regulations and we offer some of the most affordable, best CBD pricing in the UK.

Our team of experts will talk you through the entire process, help with labelling requirements and let you know what steps you need to follow to register your product to the correct bodies for cosmetics, cruelty free, vegan and many others.

We pride ourselves on offering the largest range of CBD infused products in the UK, we supply skincare, edibles, tinctures and we are committed to growing the CBD industry in the UK and Europe.

We are also members of the CTA - Cannabis Trades Association in the UK.

2What is a Novel Foods License and do I need one?

Novel foods are foods which have not been widely consumed by people in the UK or EU before May 1997. This means that the foods don’t have a ‘history of consumption’.

In March 2021 all edibles must contain CBD that has been approved as Novel Foods. The application process takes 12-18 months, due to Covid delays with approvals are to be expected, suppliers that have entered into the process early, that are close to being approved CBD sellers are expected to be allowed to be used. Cannmed suppliers were among the first to start the registration process and expect to be approved.

3Does Cannmed have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)?

We work with large multinational organizations and start up companies looking to focus on a niche market. For this purpose we want to remain flexible therefore, there is no minimum order volume, we will discuss your plans and work with you to try and help. If your order levels are low we will recommend one of our UK CBD resellers who can help with small quantities.

Cosmetic ranges are our only exception to this and are made custom for you. This will require the line to be set up, as a result they will have MOQ’s in the region of 250-500.

For tinctures, edibles and capsules speak with our team, while we don’t have MOQ’s on these products it may be beneficial for you to know what discounts are available for larger orders.

4Can we create custom CBD products?

In some cases yes, speak with a member of our staff to find out if we can do what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for custom gummies, we can coat any sweets in CBD, so get in touch today and let us know what you want to do.

For skincare we do both private label where the IP will be the clients, and white label where the IP remains with the manufacturer but we customize the product to you by adding CBD, essential oils, vitamins or fragrances.

5Is Cannmed based in the UK?

We are a UK based company, ​our facilities for creams and edibles are both based in Yorkshire.

Our hemp is grown in Kentucky and extracted to the highest standards before being imported to the UK. The infusion of CBD into all of our products takes place in the UK.