Better Bioavailability | Why CBD Absorption Matters

May 18, 2020

In recent years, we have seen the use of cannabinoids climb to a high pedestal from a threshold point. Obviously people are getting even more interested in the drug. Cannabidiol CBD is the commonly discussed form of cannabinoids. It is an extract from cannabis plant and as such, it is not synthetic and does not contain any psychoactive properties. CBD has displayed lots of potential benefits and much evidences have surfaced to buttress the frequent use of the compound.

With this rate and level of awareness and fame that CBD have gained over the years, regular consumers are becoming skeptical about the sources of the CBD they consume. Consumers also want to know the measure of CBD in every CBD product and also if the extractions are carried out in safe and authorised companies. These questions or inquiries to ascertain the effectiveness of CBD are called for and as a company we do our best to sensitise our costumers all the time.

We however think that a very vital factors to an effective CBD is Bioavailability and often times this is usually neglected. In this article we will be discussing about bioavailability or the rate of CBD absorption.

Definition of bioavailability

Bioavailability is simply the rate or extent to which CBD is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream. There are quite a number of ways in which this can happen.

  1. Through injecting
  2. Through the mouth (Orally)
  3. Under the tongue, ( sublingually)
  4. Through the skin (Tropically)
  5. Through the lungs (Inhalation)

So basically, Bioavailability is concerned with the channels of administration of CBD.

Each channel by which CBD is administered to the body possess a special rate at which absorption takes place. Nonetheless, when CBD is taken into the body by chewing or is being swallowed, it is characterised by a very slow rate of absorption to the bloodstream because it has to navigate through the stomach and then to the liver before getting to the blood stream. This sequence of movement decreases bioavailability of CBD. The major reason why people sought after the used of injections or intravenously as this channel guarantees a 100% bioavailability.

But because CBD is usually not administered using these channel, not all of the CBD delivered reaches the endocannabinoid system.

Therefore the effectiveness of CBD should not only be measured by the concentration in a product but also via the channel they are administered.

There are no enough statistical analysis done on the aspect of bioavailability and because of this deficiency in data, the actual measure of CBD that is absorbed into the blood stream by every one of these channels of administering CBD is yet to be ascertained. We can however get an idea from previous study on other cannabinoids.

Administering CBD orally reduces the concentration of CBD by a considerable margin before they finally get absorbed into the blood stream. This is referred to as first pass metabolism.

Oral channels of administration of CBD are quite easy to use and the absorption is via the digestive system. It has a relatively low bioavailability level, probably the lowest among all the channels or routes.

Some of the Products include beverages, edibles, and capsules.

Inhalation through the lungs is quite a potent channel of administering CBD and it boast of up to 80% bioavailability level. This channel is very fast and potent.

Products includes, e liquids, vaporisers, and cartridges.

In Sublingual methods of absorption, products are placed under the tongue and it is also a very potent channel for CBD absorption, with about 60% percent bioavailability level.
Products includes sprays, tinctures and lozenges.

Tropical methods also boasts of 60% bioavailability level and the channel of absorption is through the skin. Some products in this channel includes lotions and balms.

Numerous manufacturing companies are out boasting of having CBD isolates, which has the best bioavailability levels and some of this claim are actually not backed by proof.

The channel of admiration is strongly related to the rate of absorption. But we should also know that it is vital we look out for CBD products extracted with the purest possible methods. Several parameters must be looked out for to determine product effectiveness.

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