Why Choose CBD Isolate?

May 18, 2020

One of the questions that pops up for us almost all the time is “why do you make isolates only”,the quick response to this reoccurring question is that we don’t make only isolates. CBD isolate extraction process is a bit complex. Firstly you will need to do a full spectrum CBD oil extraction from hemp or cannabis plant, after which a refining process will take place to attain the isolated crystal form. CBD isolate is the last stage of hemp extraction towards becoming pure and consumer satisfactory. We are aware and we comprehend the steps and what it takes to produce isolates.

We have some very important reasons why our archive of products for sale are mostly CBD isolates. Despite the lots of debates for and against isolates that exists even in the global market space, we as a company have choosing to stand by our believe system which is getting to our customers a conformable and readily available form of CBD.

About isolated CBD being the purest and truest form of CBD, this is not just a statement to make us look good. It is true and this is not up for debates as we all know that full spectrum and to a lesser extent broad spectrum, extracts are usually characterised by the presence of other compounds which could include THC. But for isolates, the only cannabinoids present is CBD

Recently, manufacturers who sought after good taste and smell of their final products now resort to CBD isolate as the way forward. This is due to the fact that CBD isolates are purified with little or no contaminations, our isolates are characterised by no odours and they are without flavours. Food manufacturing industries and particularly beverage companies are also wanting to tap from the added value of CBD.

Despite the recent waves of recreational cannabis in the country, the psychoactive properties of THC has always made it a dreaded compound to both manufacturers and even consumers. CBD isolate however has no content of THC. This is also unlike full spectrum that has little amount of THC in them. Consumers sought after isolates that are truly and completely free from THC and this boosts their confidence. This guarantee makes frequent users of CBD to worry less about testing positive to a drug test. Those who also want to enjoy CBD products without necessarily getting high can also freely do so knowing that there is a zero possibility of that occurrence.

Currently CBD does not operate freely and this is due to the fact that regulations and legislations differ from place to place across the globe. This regulations gets more intricate when we talk about full spectrum CBD. Placing our gazes on CBD isolates have helped us watch our backs clearly while focusing on the unique need of our customers. As a company, we are committed to meeting standards and even surpassing them, as far as cannabinoid products are concerned.

Survey has shown that about 2/3 of CBD end products being purchased online are wrongly label. This are not false claims because we get several questions on our help desk relating to this. one aspect that gives even more concern is synthetic cannabinoid. They are found in these counterfeit products which have taken cover under other cannabinoids products like full spectrum. This is dangerous to consumers and not acceptable. But with isolates, we have been able to precisely figure out the potential of every cannabinoid and make available with clarity the measure of CBD content in every product.

There is a very bright future for CBD isolates and this we know by the very many advantages they come with. Refining CBD to the state of zero contamination will enable chemist to not just extract but also birth special compounds formulated to meet the needs of consumers. As a company we are committed 100% to the satisfaction of our consumers and as new findings are made, we will sure make them available to you.

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