What Is CBD Water & Should You Drink It?

May 18, 2020

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the most popular CBD product that has gained widespread attention in recent years. CBD oils are made by a basic process of extraction of CBD from natural cannabis plants and the extract is mixed with oils from coconut or hemp seeds which serve as carriers.

CBD water amongst other products from cannabis have also been widely reckoned with recently, they are widely available in health shops and stores and they also draw wide praises as well as criticisms
In this article we will be examining CBD water on the basis of what they really are, are they worth buying and whether or not we should drink them.

What Is CBD Water?

To begin with, CBD is a chemical compound which is found in naturally growing cannabis plants and unlike its co ingredient THC, it does not possess psychoactive properties and therefore CBD is not responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis.

CBD as an ingredient of cannabis has been very well studied and studies are still on going because of its proven medicinal properties. Several researches have suggested that administering CBD might relieve chronic pain, decrease anxiety and improve symptoms of PTSD.

Now CBD water is the latest form of CBD products to touch down the market space and they are made by simply filling water with particles of CBD. And just like every CBD product, CBD water can be bought from health shops around you.

Manufacturers believes that drinking CBD water would easily give you the CBD state amount you desire and would better reveal its health benefits.

Now to know whether CBD water is worth buying, let’s take a look at some of these features;
There is a minimal amount of CBD in CBD water.

The CBD content of most CBD water brand is very minimal, and this constitutes one of the major challenges with CBD water. Most CBD water brands provides usually around 2-5mg of CBD which could be adequate for some dosage recommendations. But studies have shown that at least 15mg per day of CBD compound reveals its optimal benefits to users.

Manufacturers of this low content CBD water brands claim to employ nanotechnology to help reduce the molecules sizes to enable body of users to quickly absorb CBD and utilise it.

There are obvious limitations in this research of nanoparticles aiding in CBD absorption and as such more research work will be needed to ascertain this claims.

Degradation of CBD

CBD is a very unstable compound and this instability requires that care be taken in its preparation as well as storage. This is required so as to help preserve its desired medical properties.

Light and air are two factors that may lead to a breakdown of CBD thereby making CBD lose its benefits.

The conventional storage of CBD water in the shelves of stores under bright light conditions in transparent vessels for several days, led to a degradation of the CBD content of CBD water.

Studies on CBD water shows that certain storage methods have shown to cause significant loss of CBD.
Even though temperature had no effect, exposure to oxygen resulted in a great loss in CBD content. So losses in CBD contents of CBD water occurs as soon as you open the containing vessel.

However more research and studies need be done but for now these studies shows that the medicinal impacts of CBD water is threatened by light and air.

Cost of CBD Water

If you desire to try out CBD for whatever purpose, buying CBD water is usually not best option because they are quite expensive at least when compared to other CBD product options.

However, you could save up some bucks if you purchase CBD water in bulk. A regular 500mls bottle of CBD water retails around £3 for bulk purchases and between £4 to £7 for unit purchase depending on the brand, tax and shipping costs not inclusive.

It is obvious that CBD water is more expensive than other CBD product options. CBD oils, CBD capsules, protein bars and more costs about 50% less for each serving.

Should You Drink CBD Water?

The numerous benefits of CBD (particularly medical) cannot be over-emphasised and CBD water is a carrier of CBD , but CBD water however contains very small quantity of CBD which reveals that it is an ineffective method of consuming CBD.

The cost of CBD water is also a downturn when it comes to consumption of CBD and finally for the fact that a significant CBD content is lost upon exposure to light and air makes the CBD water an unreliable option for the efficient release of the medicinal properties of CBD.

Putting all of these downturns into considerations, will suggest that for you to take full advantage of the medicinal properties associated with CBD, it is advised you look out for other CBD products like the CBD oil, CBD edibles which have proven to be more effective than CBD water.

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