What Is CBG & What Are It’s Benefits?

May 18, 2020

With the rising need for CBD over the years, both manufacturers and users are beginning to explore and channel their interest towards other advantages cannabis plant has to offer. Consumers are getting more enlightened, opened and inquisitive about the drug. CBD and THC are obviously the most popular cannabinoids and truth be told they have been of great benefits to medical research and study for quite a while now.

However, we are convinced beyond doubts that other cannabinoids present in hemp possess great potentials and could outshine both the CBD and THC.

CBG at the moment is the talk of the cannabinoid market space. We are impressed with the waves it has made in such a short time and the race it has put the two giant cannabinoid through. We supply cannabigerol CBG isolate on a very large scale. We source from biomass and we carry out essential CBG testing which is validated.


Cannabidiol and cannabigerol are two different cannabinoids of cannabis or hemp plant. CBG is a truly special cannabinoid and we tag it as the mothership of all cannabinoids, since over 100 different cannabinoids take their origin from cannabigerol. Some of these cannabinoids include cannabidiol CBD, Cannabichromene CBC, Cannabinol CBN etc. All of which take their roots from the synthesis of CBG.

Cannabigerol CBG works excellently with our endocannabinoid system in comparison to any other cannabinoids.

The additional benefits of CBG makes it a potentially viable cannabinoid. With an increase in added value on the finished products, CBG promises to deliver amazing benefits to consumers.

Presently, most of the hemp plant we come across are very rich in CBD, but CBG hemps with very good genetics are not easy to come across. We have connected with top notch hemp growers within our space to help deliver a trusted and highly qualitative CBG hemp rich plants. As these growers or cultivators advance the course of cannabinoid science, we will provide adequate support for them where necessary.

CBG isolates have very similar formulations with CBD isolate. It would be very easy for producers to integrate CBG into their system because of the similarities between CBG and CBD isolate. There are some ambiguity with the modern compositions, but we ensure that we carry out accurate testing and we try to structure CBG appropriately.

The Advantages of CBG

Similarly to CBD, there are no specific assertions about the potential benefits of CBG, but we know this facts from the many studies and researches carried out on how this cannabinoid interact with our endocannabinoid system. It is quite obvious that more studies need to be carried out on the potentials of CBG and as a company we ensure to encourage not just manufacturers but also consumers to know more about

CBG and it numerous potential benefits.

It’s no story that we make CBG isolates and this we do with very high standards. We make sure that our CBG isolates are outstanding and they comply with legislations on cannabinoids.

CBG can boast of a 98% potency and they come in very small sizes while accompanied with no odors or flavors. When you think of an almost perfect method of introducing cannabinoids to any product, CBG isolate should come to mind.

We are out on the look for great methods we can introduce to our customers as regarding getting desired benefits from cannabinoids. Our mission of making available highly qualitative cannabinoid compositions is unaltered. We will keep true to our believe system by delivering pure and trusted ingredients on CBG and other less recognized cannabinoids that could offer unique benefits to our customers.

Our team are out here working tirelessly towards achieving the framework of our branded CBG products and very soon, you will be able to place your orders from the comfort of your homes. The labels are private and

I tell you they would be worth the wait. You could also choose to create your own CBG customize formula, all you need is to reach out to us and we would gladly render our help and expertise. ǧ

We are not complacent with the milestone we have achieved on CBG and CBD. We continue to make other cannabinoids available, standard and safe for both manufacturers and users round the globe. Right from our chain of supply, innovative methods of extraction, methods of testing and reliable management system, we take the lead in the formulation a globally accepted cannabinoids which stand in compliance to regulations.

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